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Sports Day

Sports Day will be next Friday, May 12. All 5th grade students are invited to participate in a day of fun, competition, and physical activity. We will walk to the recreation department next door at 8:30. The temperatures are uncertain.  More information will be provided next week.


Please remember to wear tennis shoes and dress appropriately for lots of outdoor exercise. Wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle. Ebenezer Baptist Church is donating water bottles for those who forget to bring one. You may wear baseball caps at the Rec Dept, but you should not wear them into school. Keep them in your book bag until it is time to leave for Sports Day.


There will be a concession area near the playground, so if you want to bring a couple of dollars for snacks and drinks you may. This money will support the 5th grade academy.

When we return to the school at 11:45, you will go through the cafeteria line to get a togo tray and eat in your homeroom classroom.

Posted by: Dawn Childs Published:5/3/17
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